Flurry Announces AppCircle Rewards – iPhone, iPad Game Developers Turn Virtual Currency into Cash

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

Flurry, Inc., a leading mobile application analytics, monetization and promotion service provider, today announced the public availability of AppCircle Rewards, an add-on solution for Apple iOS game developers using AppCircle. AppCircle Rewards enables game makers to integrate their own virtual currency systems into AppCircle, Flurry’s recommendation-driven application cross selling network, to reward application downloads and significantly increase revenue. Released earlier this month, AppCircle Rewards is already delivering eCPMs of more than $ 50 to game developers.

“Advertisement has become a strong revenue stream for social games on iOS devices,” said Simon Khalaf, president and CEO of Flurry. “In addition to generating record eCPMs for performance-based networks, AppCircle Rewards delivers a great app discovery solution to iPhone gamer developers.”

According to eMarketer, a marketing research firm focused on digital media, marketers will spend $ 220 million worldwide to advertise within social games and applications during 2010, rising to $ 293 million in 2011. These figures are in addition to sales of virtual goods, offered via in-app purchases. AppCircle Rewards facilitates this advertising spend by benefiting the end-users and generating significant revenues for game developers.

“Using AppCircle Rewards, we’ve consistently earned eCPMs exceeding $ 60, even at scales of tens of thousands of downloads,” said David Tsai, cofounder and CEO of Zhurosoft. “Integrating our virtual currency system from High School Hero into Flurry’s API was simple and flexible.”

While AppCircle Rewards was conceived for game publishers with virtual currency, the solution works equally well for any app with virtual goods or currency. Developers can reward users for downloading AppCircle-recommended apps with any virtual item they choose. Participating as AppCircle publishers, developers earn 60% of the install price charged to the advertiser, creating a meaningful incremental revenue source.

“AppCircle Rewards is a win-win for us and our users,” said Justin Maples, CEO of Broken Thumbs Apps. “Offering users bonus virtual currency for downloading Flurry powered app recommendations has increased user engagement for our most popular app, Zombie Duck Hunt, while allowing us to earn additional revenue.”

Integrating AppCircle Rewards is flexible for game publishers. It can be integrated into a game-wide offers section, promoting alternate payment options for virtual goods. The solution can also be used for time-based promotions, such as weekend offers, and loyalty rewards offers, such as providing an incentive for return-users.

Game developers interested in AppCircle Rewards are encouraged to contact their Flurry account managers for help getting started. Emails can also be sent to appcircle(at)flurry(dot)com.

To learn more about Flurry Analytics and Flurry AppCircle, please visit http://www.flurry.com.

About AppCircle

AppCircle is Flurry’s application cross selling network, available for iOS and in beta for Android. Application developers can use AppCircle as publishers, promoters or both. As publishers, developers integrate Flurry into their applications, enabling Flurry to serve targeted application recommendations to their consumers. Publishers earn 60% of the price promoters pay for each app download. As promoters, application developers create campaigns and set bids on how much they are willing to pay for a new user. Flurry’s recommendation engine will match relevant promoter apps to display in publisher apps, and then use bidding to rank the order in which impressions are shown.

About Flurry

Flurry is a leading smartphone application analytics and monetization platform used by more than 45,000 applications across iOS, Android, Blackberry and J2ME. Flurry tracks over three billion end user application sessions each month.

Flurry is venture-backed with offices in San Francisco and New York. For more information, please visit http://www.flurry.com.

Note to Editors

iOS, Android, BlackBerry and J2ME are trademarks of their respective companies. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.

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Atlassian Develops New Mobile Game – Angry Nerds

San Francisco, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 31, 2011

Atlassian today announced the release of Angry Nerds, its first mobile game for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

Atlassian, makers of software development and collaboration tools for nerds, stunned the gaming world with a tour-de-force in mobile gaming and action-packed game play, stunning character development and a physics engine that literally would make Newton weep. The game, available just in time for Easter Holiday sales, features six original nerds as they fly, explode, jump and code away nasty software bugs.

“Okay, it’s no secret I like Angry Birds. And Atlassian and Rovio did both take an investment from Accel,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian CEO and co-founder. “But any similarities between the Birds and our Nerds is completely coincidental.”

The game has been called “possibly stunning” and “a game only a mother could love” by reviewers at the venerable nerd games review site nerdgames.com, where it received five out of five noobs.

“In the history of nerd games, only three stand out: Nerds with Friends, Nerds versus Zombies, and Atlassian’s Angry Nerds,” said Jim Smith, lead reviewer at nerdgames.com. “Oh wait, there are only three.”

In addition to the game, Angry Nerds fans can purchase merchandise from the Atlassian store including plushie toys and Angry Nerds t-shirts. For more information, downloads, and merchandise, visit http://www.atlassian.com/angrynerds.

About Atlassian

Atlassian provides software development and collaboration tools to help nerds conceive, plan, build and launch great products. More than 22,000 organisations with all types of nerds use Atlassian’s issue tracking, collaboration and software development tools to work smarter and deliver quality results on time. Learn more at http://atlassian.com.


CamGun — New Android App Gives Whole New Meaning to Killer App

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) June 10, 2011

CamGun is a fun way to use the camera on Android phones like a first person shooter – Call of Duty style. Mark Munsell, the developer says that users can “shoot their friends with an M4 rifle or a SPAS12 shotgun and post it on Facebook”. The app also includes other weapons, such as dual wielding SOCOM M23s, a blue Star Wars Light Saber, a double bladed red light saber, a “grenade egg”, an AK74u with tiger camo and a red dot sight, and a SR25 sniper rifle with a zoomed thermal scope, “ideal for headshots”, Munsell adds.

The look and feel of this app is very much like a first person shooter in an augmented reality but is more of a photo app than an actual game. One plays by tapping the gun icon in the upper left corner, selecting the gun and it will appear on the screen in the same manner as a first person shooter. Then, tap the screen to fire, or tap the crosshairs icon to sight the gun. Cycling through all the weapons by tapping the gun icon again. Press the camera icon to take a photo of the shot. This app is simple which adds to the addiction of just cycling through the weapons, listening to the racking, and shooting whoever is near by.

CamGun also has optional settings for blood effects (in case Mom gets freaked out by blood), shooter name and target name to be included in the photo. It also records an optional GPS position for Geotagging. CamGun may be used as a tool for Humans VS Zombies or other assassin-like games. Using Foursquare or Google Latitude to find your target and document the shot makes it even more real. Photos are stored on the SD card root directory for future perusal.

Munsell, who runs the game development firm Black Ops Pops, says they keep adding more weapons to the game, and are looking to come out with variations of the theme in the near future. Look for them in the Android Market.

More info at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.CamGun and http://www.camgun.com. — Works with Android 2.0 and up. A separate version exists for Android 1.5 and 1.6.


Exclusive for Android, 3 App Summer Promotion

Pleasanton, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2011

GeniusWave offers an exclusive Android App promotion. Just in time for summer a family pack of three apps to travel well, be safe, and have some fun. As families kick-into summer, they are traveling, and exploring parks and neighborhood, or just hanging out. GeniusWave has uniquely packaged 3 Android Apps for a summer-time promotion. Exclusive to Android the 3 apps are designed to help with summer time fun: travel better with Travel Cards, keep your family safe with Family Watch, and entertain your kids with Wordle. Travel Cards and Family Watch is free, and Wordle is only $ 0.99, all available through Android Market.

Find out more about the promotion at: http://www.geniuswave.com/summer

Travel better with Travel Cards. The travel and utility app puts loyalty programs phones, and finger tips. Travelers earn and use their rewards, while reducing the clutter and hassle of plastic cards or stored notes. Travelers won’t lose out on rewards because they can’t find their cards, numbers, or a mix match of expire dates and membership types. The top 10 app, on AppBrain Android Store, has advanced features to organize, store and even back-up and share your cards on Cloud Sync. Also while traveling, use the Location Finder feature to find hotels, restaurants, stores, car rentals, and other businesses that participate in their programs.

Be Safe with Family Watch. The family safety app, helps watch-over family or friends when they travel, play in the neighborhood, at the mall, or coming home late at night. Based on prevention, and a quick response for help, the mobile app registers an event, tracks using GPS, and issues a call for help when they don’t arrive safely.

Have educational fun with Wordle. The wordplay game easy to access and fun to play. Exciting and fast pace you can play solo or with teams, when you have 3 minutes or 30 minutes. Build vocabulary, improve spelling and have some competitive fun. For those long car rides, or waiting in lines and restaurants, Moms and kids alike comment that is a much better use of time, than destroying zombies, bunnies or birds.

Download Travel Cards for Free: http://goo.gl/089Ue

Download Family Watch for Free: http://goo.gl/fQ1ex

Download Wordle for 99 cents: http://goo.gl/pFKWB

“We are very excited to offer this 3 app promotion, giving customers an ideal package for key summer time needs – better travel, keeping the family safe and entertaining the kids,” says Greg Dierickse, GeniusWave founder and CMO. “With the momentum of Android, and the Android Market, this is a perfect place to offer our special promotion.”


GeniusWave is a mobile application publisher, providing marketing and publishing services to help developers bring their app to market, including Android, iPad, iPhones, and other devices. GeniusWave services help developers target their customers, connect with them and raise awareness through high impact marketing. The result is breakthrough revenues for the developer. GeniusWave is located in Pleasanton, California; Shanghai China; and the Philippines. http://www.geniuswave.com

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AndroidTapp.com and AsSeenOnPhone Release Report on Amazon Marketplace for Android, Consumers Save Nearly $900 Annually

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 06, 2011

AndroidTapp http://www.androidtapp.com and its parent company, AsSeenOnPhone Inc. http://www.asseenonphone.com, have released a detailed analysis of the statistics behind Amazon’s Free App of the Day program.

The report found here http://ow.ly/5wwfD included several interesting conclusions about the value implemented by Amazon’s program. To date, Amazon has given away more than 100 apps, with an average retail value of around $ 2.36, for more than $ 230 so far this year. If they continue to release apps at this pace and price range, for 365 free apps per year, this could result in a savings of nearly $ 900 for the consumer. This breaks down to $ 71.38 per month, or $ 16.47 per week if the consumer were to download and use every free app provided.

“We are seeing evidence of how multiple competitive app marketplaces can benefit consumers”, said Antonio Wells, co-founder and chief editor for AsSeenOnPhone™. “Even if customers only downloaded the free apps every day, it would be equivalent to what some pay annually to their wireless carrier; another perk for purchasing an Android phone or tablet.”

The report also found that, while many users come to Amazon simply to “kick the tires” of the free apps, around 72 percent spend $ 1-$ 10 per month on apps in the market, in addition to the free downloads. Twenty-four percent of those apps given away have Amazon’s exclusive Test Drive feature on its web site, which allows visitors to see the app and try it out on their computer screen before purchasing, a feature that is, from the report, gaining in popularity.

A full 57 percent of the apps consumers are downloading from the Amazon marketplace are games, including several exclusive to Amazon, such as the recent Popcap Games launch of Chuzzle, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle. The next closest categories, at eight and nine percent respectively, are productivity apps and utilities.

In an internal AndroidTapp.com poll, users noted that they are merely “satisfied” with the Amazon App Store overall, however, versus “very satisfied” with Google’s own Android Marketplace. Overall app selection and the ease of purchase were the two reasons cited most often for the difference, as well as a frustration from international consumers that the Amazon App Store is only available in the United States currently.

For its part, AndroidTapp.com is looking to provide consumers with the same detailed level of knowledge about the free apps as it does the apps on the Android Marketplace, with the same rigorous review process being applied to each one by a dedicated team of writers.

“AndroidTapp.com Android app review service is committed to thoroughly evaluating Amazon’s free app of the day, to help consumers confidently know of the pros and cons of Android apps before downloading. As we have seen on rare occasions Amazon swap the daily free app due to poor user reviews,” said Wells.

About AndroidTapp.com

AndroidTapp.com is the world’s leader in consumer reviews of mobile application software for Google’s Android operating system. Additionally featuring Android phone & tablet reviews, news, app recommendations, interviews with mobile application developers, and help support for consumers.

About As Seen On Phone

AsSeenOnPhone™ brings the latest mobile news, mobile app recommendations and more to its international audience of avid mobile users. Through ASOP, members also receive special offers and giveaway contests as well as training and educational seminars and even tuition incentives for students. When consumers seek timely information about their smartphone or mobile device, they look to ASOP, where they’ll find All Things Mobile In Your Life™.

Through our global network, we reach millions of tech and mobile consumers on a daily and monthly basis. We engage our members with quality content and social media. We influence user-buying decisions through reviews and recommendations.

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Find More Zombie Android Apps Press Releases

Appcelerator and Teens in Tech Labs Team Up to Launch Startup Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2011

Appcelerator®, the leading mobile cloud platform for rapidly developing native mobile, desktop, and tablet applications using web technologies, today announced it has teamed with Teens in Tech Labs to launch the first annual Teens in Tech Incubator program. The new program helps young entrepreneurs start their own high-tech companies. Founded in 2008 by Daniel Brusilovsky, Teens in Tech Labs provides a community and support network for young entrepreneurs to gain access to and learn best practices from established mentors and tech veterans.

The Teens in Tech inaugural incubator program officially kicked off on June 22 and runs for 6 weeks. The incubator is housed in Appcelerator’s new headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Each team consists of one to three teens, all under the age of 19, who will work alongside mentors and advisors to build their own startups. The program culminates with each team launching their product as part of a Demo Day during the annual Teens in Tech Conference, taking place on August 5 at Palo Alto Research Center in Palo Alto. Three of the teams will use Appcelerator’s app development platform, Titanium, to build fully native apps that can run on desktop, web or mobile devices. The select teams are:

Codulous (Santa Cruz, CA): an online code editor that works in the cloud and syncs with your desktop and many other services

BuyNomial (Oakland, CA): helping you budget for whatever you want in a faster and smarter way

MySchoolHelp (White Plains, NY): making it easy for high school students to find and share their classmates’ notes

Bubbls (Palo Alto, CA): a geo-social mobile application that lets your friends know when you can hang out

CM Studios (Atherton, CA): bringing a zombie game to the iPhone, and soon Android

Workcrib (Walnut Creek, CA): a social sharing site for your workspace

The Teens in Tech Incubator program features numerous experiential and hands-on learning opportunities. More than 60+ tech veterans, VCs, and others volunteer as mentors and advisors are teaching classes weekly on everything from HTML to CSS to marketing and presentation skills. Some of the program’s mentors lead weekly dinners, sharing their own personal life stories, such as when David Crane, a partner at Google Ventures, spoke to the teens about how Google got started. There are also “Office Hours” and “Workshops,” where mentors join the teams on-site and help them work on their business plans, presentations, coding, etc. Held throughout are various white board and collaboration sessions.

“Entrepreneurship should not be defined by age but should be all about fostering the most promising innovation,” noted Daniel Brusilovsky. “With the broad support from the tech community, our new incubator program will encourage today’s youth to start early, think big, take risks, learn from failures and gain from successes. We’re very grateful to all the companies, mentors and advisors who have graciously contributed to our endeavor and mission. The support ecosystem inherent throughout Silicon Valley gives evidence to why the region is one of the most innovative in the world. However, it also lays a solid blueprint for others to adopt and benefit from.”

The Teens in Tech Incubator program boasts a stellar lineup of mentors and advisors, some of who include:

    Jeff Haynie, co-founder and CEO, Appcelerator
David Hornik, general partner, August Capital
David Krane, Partner, Google Ventures
Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO, Box.net
Chris McCann, co-founder, Startup Digest
Marcus Nelson, director of social media, Salesforce
Alex Pachkov, VP of business development, Evernote

In addition to providing the technology and serving as mentors, the team at Appcelerator is also providing the physical office space to host the incubator teams throughout the program’s duration.

Jeff Haynie, co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator, noted, “I started my first company when I was 14, and there were a lot of people who generously helped mentor and provide me with valuable guidance along the way. Having benefited from that support network, I think it’s important for seasoned entrepreneurs to pay it forward and proactively lend a guiding hand to our next generation of aspiring tech entrepreneurs and contribute to them hopefully building the next Google or Apple.”

Along with Appcelerator, the Teens in Tech Labs has support from Microsoft, General Motors, Softlayer, Globumbus, Eventbrite, Meshin and Gagnier Margossian LLP.

To see the full list of mentors and learn more about the Teens in Tech Incubator program or the Teens in Tech annual conference please visit: http://incubator.teensintech.com/.

About Teens in Tech Labs

Based in Mountain View CA, Teens in Tech Labs provides tools and resources to young entrepreneurs globally to help foster entrepreneurship at a young age. Founded on the premise that entrepreneurship doesn’t happen at a certain age or a certain location, Teens in Tech Labs provides a support community and network to help young entrepreneurs create innovative and disruptive businesses. For more information, please visit http://www.teensintech.com.

About Appcelerator

Appcelerator is the leading enterprise-grade, cross-platform development solution on the market today, with over 1.5 million developers using its software to power more than 23,000 cloud-connected mobile, desktop, and web applications used by tens of millions of users every day. The company’s flagship offering, Appcelerator Titanium, is the only platform to enable fully native, cross-platform development, from a single codebase, at web development speed for these three platforms. Appcelerator’s customers can leverage their existing skills and open, industry standard technologies to decrease time-to-market and development costs, increase customer adoption and revenues, and enjoy greater flexibility and control. For more information, please visit http://www.appcelerator.com.

Appcelerator is a registered trademark of Appcelerator Inc. Appcelerator Titanium is a trademark of Appcelerator Inc.

Press Contacts:

Carmen Hughes

Ignite Public Relations


w: 650.227.3280 ext. 1

c: 650.576.6444

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More Zombie Android Apps Press Releases

iCookbook Launches Android Version Exclusively on Amazon Appstore for Android

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 14, 2011

Starting today, the iCookbook™ app—featuring more than 2,000 top recipes created and tested by many of the leading food brands in the country—will be available on the Amazon Appstore. iCookbook™ joins popular apps such as Angry Birds Rio and Plants vs. Zombies by launching its Android app exclusively in the Amazon Appstore. Today only, iCookbook will be the featured FREE App of the Day and will be available as a paid download for the list price of $ 4.99 starting tomorrow, July 15th. The worldwide release of the app into the Android Market will happen on August 7th, 2011.

“We chose the Amazon Appstore for the launch of our Android app because of their commitment to working with high-quality apps, and the opportunity to connect to the Amazon marketplace,” said Jerry Croft, President of the Cooking Division and Digital Media at PIL. “iCookbook™ has had an amazing reception on the iPad, and we are excited to be able to put it into the hands, and kitchens, of Android users.”

Navigating through the 2,000-plus recipes is easy with built-in search and sorting filters. Customers can find the perfect recipe by ingredient, occasion, brand, theme, cuisine, or the type of dish you’re trying to make. And if you’re still at a loss for ideas, iCookbook™’s “Stir” feature will randomly pick a recipe within filter parameters you set.

Beyond the abundance of tested recipes and beautiful photos that complement each recipe, iCookbook™’s design makes it ideal for in-the-kitchen use by home chefs. Each recipe features a “Prepare” function that breaks up the steps into manageable sections and displays them at a size readable from several feet, allowing you to set the tablet away from spills and splashes. Built-in tools—including a kitchen timer, quick access to size and volume conversions, and a list of ingredient substitutions—make iCookbook™ the only app you need when cooking up a meal at home.


Founded in 1967, Publications International employs more than 400 people and publishes more than 600 titles per year. PIL distributes nationwide and abroad through bookstores, major retailers, club stores, mass merchandisers, magazine newsstands, grocery stores, mail-order catalogs, and direct sales.

PIL headquarters are in Lincolnwood, Illinois with offices in New York; Bentonville, Arkansas; Mexico City; London; Sydney; Madrid; Hamburg; and Shenzhen. PIL publishes with five major divisions (Cooking, Children’s, Consumer Guide, Stationery, and General Interest), with all publications and products created, produced, and published by PIL. All divisions operate under PIL with Mr. Louis Weber as CEO.


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Fruit Ninja Slices its Way into FunChat

Seattle, Wash. (PRWEB) July 19, 2011

(Casual Connect Conference Seattle) – FunMobility (http://www.funmobility.com), a leading mobile social entertainment company, announced a content partnership today with Australia-based game developer, Halfbrick Studios (http://www.halfbrick.com), the creators of the wildly popular, worldwide smash hit app, Fruit Ninja. FunChat users can now chat with a wide variety of Fruit Ninja themed chat bubbles sporting sliced and diced pineapples, watermelons and strawberries, or the famous Fruit Ninja Sensei character as their primary avatar.

“Fruit Ninja is one of the overall best-selling paid apps on the market, and has quickly created a legacy in the mobile gaming community with over 35 million downloads to date,” said Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. “The FunChat and Fruit Ninja brand partnership allows our users to cross connect their love of the globally popular Fruit Ninja game and its characters, and blend them into their visual chatting and HTML5 multiplayer gaming experience on FunChat which creates new awareness, distribution and revenue opportunities for both companies.”

FunChat is the world’s first cross-platform app that combines chat, multiplayer HTML5 gaming, pranking, virtual goods, virtual currency, rewards and achievements into one application. The Fruit Ninja chat bubbles and avatars are priced between 5000 and 10,000 FunGold™ coins, or around $ .50 to $ 1.00 each. FunChat users spend nearly one hour per day in-app, and since its launch in mid-June 2011, FunChat users have sent over 2.5 million messages to date, and over 30 million FunGold™ coins have been awarded.

Shainiel Deo, CEO and founder of Halfbrick Studios stated, “We view the integration of the Fruit Ninja content into the FunChat app as another brand extension and place where our fans can interact and communicate with Fruit Ninja-themed chat bubbles and avatars in a playful, fun way.”

The Fruit Ninja avatars are available within the FunChat application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices, and FunChat is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and the Google Android Market.

Follow @FunChat on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and get your ‘Chattitude’ on today with a cool Fruit Ninja avatar or chat bubble at http://www.funchat.com!

About FunMobility

Established in 1999, FunMobility is a mobile social entertainment company that lets people share, play and connect through their mobile devices. The FunChat Mobile Engagement Platform™ is an integrated suite of applications and interactive mobile widgets that provide new forms of monetization and distribution, and literally enable developers and brands to “join the conversation” with consumers. FunChat™, FunMobility’s groundbreaking free smartphone app, is the first product to seamlessly blend chat and games with popular new features including photo pranks, contests, virtual goods and virtual currency. Engage, Express. Enjoy!

Please visit http://www.funmobility.com to learn more about the company and products.

About Halfbrick Studios

Founded in 2001, Halfbrick has been on the forefront of the Australian game development industry for many years. Recently, after many years of developing licensed titles for platforms such as GBA, DS and PSP, Halfbrick has begun expanding its portfolio with a range of independently released games for downloadable platforms including the worldwide smash hit, Fruit Ninja, and other apps including Monster Dash, Raskulls, Age of Zombies, Blast Off, Aero Racer, and Echoes. Learn more at http://www.halfbrick.com.

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Get Ready to Rumble! Battle Bears Characters Take Their Fight to FunChat

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2011

(Comic Con 2011) – FunMobility (http://www.funmobility.com), a leading mobile social entertainment company and developers of FunChat™, the world’s first cross-platform app to combine chat, multiplayer HTML5 gaming, pranking, virtual goods and currency, rewards and achievements in one application, announced a content partnership at Comic Con today with top indie mobile game studio, SkyVu Entertainment (http://sky.vu), the creators of the highly popular BATTLE BEARS mobile gaming shooter games for iOS and Android mobile devices.

FunChat users can now select their chat bubble and primary avatar from a wide variety of Battle Bears themed characters from four different mobile games – BATTLE BEARS 1, BATTLE BEARS: ZOMBIES!, BATTLE BEARS GO, and the all new BATTLE BEARS BLAST.

“The Battle Bears mobile games series has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year with over eleven million downloads,” said Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. “Our partnership with SkyVu is yet another example of our commitment to establish relationships with premier entertainment companies, and to deliver new and exciting content to our FunChat users.”

FunChat users spend nearly one hour per day in-app, and have sent nearly 3 million messages to date, and over 30 million FunGold™ coins have been awarded since the launch of the FunChat app one month ago.

“Partnering with FunMobility provides us with instant access to a wider audience and gives our loyal players additional value as well,” said Ben Vu, CEO and co-founder of SkyVu. “The integration of BATTLE BEARS content into the FunChat app enables our fans to interact with BATTLE BEARS themed content in a fun way, and further increases awareness of the BATTLE BEARS brand around the world.”

BATTLE BEARS: ZOMBIES is currently one of the Top 50 free apps in the App Store, was the #1 app in CHINA, and was named one of the best games of the year by TouchArcade, iLounge, and Yahoo’s Appolicious. The BATTLE BEARS avatars are available for purchase within the FunChat application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices, and are priced between 5000 to 10,000 FunGold coins or around $ .50 to $ 1.00 each. FunChat is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and the Google Android Market.

Follow @FunChat on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and get your ‘Chattitude’ on today with a cool BATTLE BEARS avatar at http://www.funchat.com!

About FunMobility

Established in 1999, FunMobility is a mobile social entertainment company that lets people share, play and connect through their mobile devices. The FunChat Mobile Engagement Platform™ is an integrated suite of applications and interactive mobile widgets that provide new forms of monetization and distribution, and literally enable developers and brands to “join the conversation” with consumers. FunChat™, FunMobility’s groundbreaking free smartphone app, is the first product to seamlessly blend chat and games with popular new features including photo pranks, contests, virtual goods and virtual currency. Engage, Express. Enjoy!

Follow @FunMobility on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or visit http://www.funmobility.com to learn more about the company and products.

About SkyVu Entertainment

SkyVu Entertainment, Inc. produces original mobile-social games. SkyVu specializes in creating original character franchises that can power multiple mobile and social games as well as sell in other non-game markets such as toys, apparel, TV and film. Formerly an animator on the Academy Award nominated film Coraline, Ben Vu and his brother Hoa Vu, founded SkyVu Entertainment in Omaha, Nebraska with the sole mission to entertain the world.


Announcing the MoPub Marketplace, Real-Time Bidding For Mobile Advertising

San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

MoPub, the mobile advertising startup founded by former AdMob and Google employees, is today announcing the launch of MoPub Marketplace. Marketplace is the first self-service, real-time bidding platform for mobile advertising, aimed at giving publishers access to new sources of revenue through a competitive auction, while enabling them to retain complete control and transparency.

Essentially a virtual trading floor for mobile ads, MoPub Marketplace connects app publishers with ad buyers in a real-time market. Advertisers, ad agencies, and demand-side platforms are able to target audiences with greater precision as compared to traditional ad networks. The result is a more efficient market, greater ad revenues for application publishers, and happier end users.

The launch of Marketplace makes MoPub the first and only “one-stop shop” mobile ad server that enables publishers to monetize through direct-sold ads, cross-promotional campaigns, ad networks, and real-time bidding – all in a single product. Moreover, its optimization algorithms are designed explicitly to maximize revenue for publishers across both iOS and Android devices without sacrificing the user experience. Starting today, Marketplace is open to all types of publishers, from major media publishers of mobile apps to emerging social games and long-tail developers.

“Until today, publishers have had to operate their mobile ads through a black box: blindly trusting ad networks, without knowing which ads are effective and with no control over the type of ads consumers receive. This matters considerably to the top tier publishers we are working with who are concerned with brand protection as well as ad performance,” said Jim Payne, CEO and co-founder of MoPub.

MoPub’s open-source and flexible SDK means the over 650 publishers on MoPub’s ad-serving platform will have access to complete visibility on how much revenue they’re earning per impression. MoPub Marketplace uniquely offers publishers:

·     Transparency: Ad performance statistics down to a specific ad creative

·     Ease of use: A single, lightweight SDK with self-service sign up

·     Control: The ability for publishers to preemptively block ads from a particular advertiser or brand, such as an ad by a competitor, and also block specific ads

Publishers can also choose whether to expose their application name to bidders on the Marketplace.

“We investigated all the players in the mobile ad ecosystem and selected MoPub because it brought together everything we needed into one product. Marketplace gives us 100 percent transparency and control over our revenue and the types of ads we display to our community,” said Victor Rubba, CEO and founder of Fluik Games, publisher of top iTunes app store games Office Zombie and Office Jerk, and a participant in the MoPub Marketplace beta test. “Marketplace is truly unique compared to other exchange-only or ad network products.”

The company’s Series A was funded by Accel Partners, a backer of both AdMob and Facebook, is also announcing continued adoption of its overall publishing platform: MoPub now powers over 650 publishers worldwide, serving billions of monthly ad impressions.

MoPub Marketplace is now open to the public and free for publishers. To learn more visit: http://www.mopub.com/marketplace

About MoPub:

MoPub is a one-stop shop ad server designed to help mobile app publishers manage and monetize their ad inventory on iOS and Android devices. We work with mobile publishers, both large and small, to turn their apps into businesses. Unlike other ad servers, exchanges, and mediation networks that only provide one solution, MoPub manages all of a publisher’s advertising inventory needs – direct ad, cross-promotional, ad network, and real-time bidding campaigns – in one product.

MoPub serves ads across Android, iOS and mobile web platforms. For more information, please visit the MoPub web site at http://www.mopub.com, or follow MoPub on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mopub. Headquartered in San Francisco, MoPub is hiring across engineering and business functions for both its west coast and New York offices. Visit http://www.mopub.com/about/jobs for more opportunities.

MoPub was founded by ex-Google and ex-AdMob product managers and engineers and has raised over $ 6.5 million in venture capital from Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital.


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